Donald Trump is suing The New York Times and his niece Mary Trump over coverage of his tax history; report

The Daily Beast reported that Donald Trump is suing his niece, The New York Times, and The New York Times for reporting on his taxes.
On Tuesday, the lawsuit was filed claiming that his niece and The Times plotted to obtain his records.

Trump seeks damages of "no less that One Hundred Million Dollars."

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The Daily Beast reported that former President Donald Trump sued Mary Trump, his niece, The New York Times and three of its reporters for reporting on his tax records.

Trump filed the suit Tuesday in Dutchess County. The lawsuit claimed that Trump's niece and the Times devised a "strange plot" to obtain his tax records.

The suit names three Times reporters, Susanne Craig and David Barstow. They were awarded a 2019 Pulitzer Prize.

The Daily Beast reported that damages sought by Mary Trump and the Times will be determined during trial, but they are "believed not to be less than One Hundred million Dollars."

Trump has repeatedly fought to stop the release of his tax returns. His attorneys requested a federal judge to stop Congress from obtaining his tax records in a court filing last month.

The Daily Beast reported that Mary Trump was persuaded by the Times to "smuggle records from her attorney's office into The Times and hand them over."

Manhattan District Attorney's Office is also investigating tax fraud at the Trump Organization.

Trump was personally named in an indictment that was released July 1. It stated that Trump wrote checks for his family members, Allen Weisselberg (the organization's CFO). Weisselberg faces tax-related charges.

Mary Trump has long been vocal in her criticism of her uncle. She recently said to Joshua Zitser, Insider, that Trump is a fascist. She published a book about her uncle, entitled "The Reckoning": Our Nation's Trauma, Finding a Way To Heal.

Insider was told by a spokesperson for the New York Times that Trump's tax coverage helped citizens be informed through careful reporting on a topic of paramount public interest. This lawsuit is an attempt at silence independent news organizations, and we will vigorously defend it."

Insider did not receive a comment from Trump Organization at the time of publication.