Shang-Chi will start streaming on November 12th as part of Disney Plus Day

Disney will make Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings streamable at no extra cost to subscribers in its newly announced Disney Plus Day. This is part of the celebration of the second anniversary of Disney Plus, which takes place on November 12th. Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that the company will be introducing new shows, movies, and Marvel and Star Wars specials to celebrate its subscribers throughout the entire company.
The Verge is informed by Disney that both Shang-Chi as well as Jungle Cruise will be streamable at no extra cost to subscribers starting November 12th. (Jungle Cruise can be accessed on Premiere Access, while Shang-Chi is available in theaters. A special will be held to celebrate the legacy and origins of Star Wars Boba Fett. There will also a special on Disney+ celebrating Marvel Cinematic Universe with an exciting look into the future and a Home Alone movie called Home Sweet Home Alone. You can also find these other releases:

Olaf Presents is a new series of shorts

A streaming debut of award-winning shorts such as Frozen Fever and Paperman.

Pixar's animated short Ciao Alberto stars characters from Luca

A new short featuring characters from The Simpsons, that pays tribute Disney+'s marquee brands (please leave these characters alone).

The first five episodes of The World According To Jeff Goldblum's second season are now available.

Disney's pandemic strategy for release has been mixed. Scarlett Johansson sued the company for making a Premiere Access debut for Black Widow on a date and time. Jungle Cruise did better than expected, with a third of its initial revenue coming from Disney Plus. Chapek stressed the flexibility of Shang-Chi premiering at theaters, despite its shorter 45-day theater exclusive. This experiment seems to have paid off: Shang Chi earned $90 million over Labor Day weekend.

Disney Plus Day appears to be following a similar strategy by Netflix. On the 25th, Netflix will hold a fan event to show new trailers and movies as well as interviews with celebrities. These events can be a great way to get people to watch a lot more ads. But they can also help drive interest in services, something Disney will likely want if its subscriber growth slows down as Chapek predicts. Disney is also planning more theatrical releases, including Eternals in November, and West Side Story, December.