House passes bill to avoid government shutdown, suspend debt limit — but it faces Senate roadblocks with deadlines near

After holding her weekly press conference on the U.S. Capitol, Nancy Pelosi (D–CA), the Speaker of the House leaves Washington, DC.
Tuesday's House vote approved a bill that would prevent the government from shutting down and also suspend the debt limit to avoid any economic disaster.

The plan was approved by the chamber in a 220-211 vote. It was supported by all Democrats, while it was opposed by all Republicans.

Republicans threaten to block the bill as it heads to the Senate. This could lead to Democrats scrambling for another way to avoid a federal funding cut or a default on U.S. government debt. The stock market suffered Monday due to fears about a default, and the economic consequences it could cause.

To prevent a shutdown, Congress must pass a funding plan before Sept. 30. Separately, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Congress leaders that the U.S. will exhaust all options to continue paying its bills in October.

The House-passed plan would allow the government to continue running until Dec. 3. It would also suspend debt ceiling until Dec. 2022.

This bill would allocate $28.6 million for natural disaster relief, and $6.3 billion to resettlement for Afghan refugees.