Video Shows SpaceX Tourists Opening Spacecraft’s Glass Dome For the First Time

"Holy shit!"
Pod Bay Doors

We finally have some footage from last week's historic all-civil flight into orbit. It took a lot of waiting.

Sian Proctor, a SpaceX tourist and science communication specialist shared a video that captured a very special moment. Proctor said it was the first time the Inpsiration4 team opened the hatch to Crew Dragons huge glass dome. Proctor says this was a highlight of the Inspiration4 mission.

It was the moment that @inspiration4x's incredible crew (@rookisaacman and @ArceneauxHayley) opened the @SpaceX cupola. This was a real highlight of our mission. You can see even more amazing moments from space by tuning into @netflix's Countdown! @TIME Dr. Sian Leo Proctor (@DrSianProctor) September 21, 2021

Mind Blown

SpaceX has replaced the Crew Dragons docking station, which is normally used to dock with International Space Station with Crew Dragons, with a huge glass dome.



The crew opened the hatch for the first times about 20 minutes after last week's launch. The video speaks for itself. Hayley Arceneaux, a cancer survivor and crew member, appears speechless towards the end.

It was amazing to hear Chris Sembroski, a former Space Camp counselor and crew member, muttering in background

Epic Moment

While opening the hatch, the crew decided to play Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss in 1896. This piece was used in 2001: A Space Odyssey, a sci-fi epic.

This is it folks, the best advertisement SpaceX could ask for for its space tourism company. Let's hope that they fix the toilet issue next time.



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