Camper claims she saw Brian Laundrie driving alone near Grand Teton National Park, two days after Gabby Petito's mother said they last spoke

This is a screenshot taken from the Moab Police Department footage of Petito & Laundrie, August 12, 2021. MCPD
One camper reported to The San Francisco Chronicle that Gabby Petito drove their van by herself in Grand Teton National Park.

Jessica Schultz claimed that she saw Brian Laundrie at Spread Creek on August 26.

Insider was confirmed by a lawyer representing Petito's family that the body discovered near the park's border has been identified by Petito.

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A camper, who was in Wyoming in August, claimed she saw Brian Laundrie driving Gabby Petito’s van by herself near Grand Teton National Park. This happened two days after Petito’s mother said that she last spoke with her.

After Petito returned from a cross country road trip, Laundrie, Petito's fianc was identified as a person of concern in her missing persons investigation. Insider was confirmed Tuesday by a lawyer representing Petito's family that the body found near Grand Teton National Park border by the FBI had been identified as Petito.

Although the case has been elevated to criminal investigation, Laundrie who has been missing since September 14 has not been charged.

Jessica Schultz, a van life camper, told The San Francisco Chronicle she saw Laundrie at the Spread Creek Dispersed camping area near the park on August 26. According to her, she was behind Laundrie's van in their white van before he left it on the side of a road.

Schultz stated that he believes he got out to look around or something. "There is absolutely nobody in the passenger seat. It looks like he doesn't have any girl there."

According to the report, Schultz witnessed the van at the same location the next day. It was strange to see the van still there because it wasn't in a designated spot and there weren't any hammocks or tents around.

Jessica Schultz stated that she is a lawyer for Brian Laundrie in the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area. Google Maps

Petito's mother claims that she last spoke with Gabby on August 24, through Facetime. This was two days after Schultz remembered spotting the van.

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According to the report, Schultz spoke with the FBI Denver office about Laundrie's location during a Sunday interview with detectives. Schultz said that she was told by an FBI agent that they had spoken to "hundreds" of people, but that "you guys are what really tipped us off."

In response to a request to comment, the FBI's Denver field office referred Insider via its Twitter account.

"The #FBI search at Laundrie in North Port has ended. The last post on the account states that there are no further details as this is still an ongoing investigation.

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