You can now risk eternal damnation by buying Sunday Chick-fil-A

MSCHF is responsible for providing us with projects such as astrologically sound investment plans, AI-generated feet pics, boomer email collection, and sacred and blasphemous shoes filled with holy water.

Sunday Service allows customers to sign up for Chick-fil A sandwiches (priced at $6.66). It is delivered on the one-day a week Christ has declared unfit for sandwich-related commerce. This is pretty much the entire idea.

Colossians 2:6 is cited on the website. It also includes a manifesto that states that certain American values are compatible. Conservative Christianity is a perfect match for a devout faith in free markets.

It is evident that this is the case.

Even if you don't want to buy a sandwich second-hand, the website is fantastic. It's all in red-and-black, has wonderful GIFs of things such as a demon poking a bird with its pitchfork, or a sandwich with a pointed tail and horns. The website also reworks Chic k-fil A's logo into an avian 666.

It doesn't matter if the demon food tastes less delicious than it does when cooked properly. MSCHFs Daniel Greenberg, a Twitter user, assures us that sacrilegious sandwiches were bought on Saturday and kept warm overnight. On Sunday, he will finish them off with professional chefs.

He explains that they are as hot and fresh as you can get them, which is a key part of the plan.


Sunday Service is a great way to try a new fast food chain and eat one of their sandwiches.

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