Half Of Vaccinated Americans Might Not Spend The Holidays With Unvaccinated Family And Friends, Poll Finds

Americans' vaccination status against Covid-19 could influence their holiday spending. A Harris poll has found that Americans who have been vaccinated are more likely to be hesitant about spending time with non-vaccinated friends and family, including at holiday gatherings.

A Harris poll has shown that Americans who have been vaccinated are more likely to keep their friends and family's vaccination status in mind when planning holiday trips. getty

The Key Facts

Surveys were conducted among 2,055 adults in the United States, including 1,454 unvaccinated, and found that 50% of respondents are extremely or significantly hesitant about spending holidays with non-vaccinated relatives or friends. Only 38% of respondents said they weren't hesitant to make holiday plans with unvaccinated family members or friends, while 12% stated that it is not an issue because everyone has been vaccinated. The 52% who were vaccinated said that they would feel uncomfortable attending a holiday meal or gathering if they knew there were unvaccinated people. The majority (54%) of respondents stated that vaccination status would play a role in their decision to travel or attend events. This is a sign of greater discomfort. 67% of respondents who were vaccinated said that they would feel uncomfortable attending large gatherings (62%) or school plays or performances (61%), and 57% said that they would be uncomfortable at weddings or other milestone events (61%). However, 47% stated the same about smaller gatherings. Another 42% of respondents who were vaccinated said that they had cancelled at least one event or planned travel with someone because they weren't vaccinated.

Surprising Fact

Gatherings and events are not the only aspects of the holiday season where vaccination status is a factor. 66% of respondents who were vaccinated said that they would be uncomfortable attending major sales events such as Black Friday, knowing that others have not been inoculated.


The poll revealed that although vaccinated people may be hesitant about going to events with those who aren't vaccinated, only 12% of respondents said they would not go to gatherings or events unless everyone is vaccinated. Instead, most vaccinated people said that they would take extra precautions at events or gatherings with people who haven't had their shot. This includes wearing a mask (64%), staying physically away (59%), using hand soap (54%), getting a booster shot (26%) and being tested for Covid-19 before and afterwards (22%). Only 9% of those vaccinated said that they would not take any precautions, and that they would hope for the best.

Important Quote

The vaccine divide is reshaping relationships and soon holiday travel season. Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema stated that new data shows.


A poll revealed that 50% of respondents had been asked by friends or family members about safety measures like social distancing, mask-wearing and proof of vaccination. 95% of those who responded to the survey did so at least partially. A greater percentage of respondents (62%) said that they would ask family members or friends for safety measures if they were invited to a gathering. However, only 30% of those surveyed said they would not invite people to the event if they didn't agree.

Important Background

Harris's poll follows a previous survey that found approximately one-third (33%) of Americans who were not vaccinated had cut or ended relationships or family ties with non-vaccinated friends, family, or acquaintances. However, 14% of respondents will continue to speak to them, but not in person. Businesses and governments are imposing vaccine mandates on workers and requiring proof of vaccination for entry to public places. They also impose penalties such as increasing health insurance costs for unvaccinated workers. Many people who aren't vaccinated have lost their jobs due to the mandates. This includes high-profile performers like Laura Osnes on Broadway, who had no choice but to withdraw from a performance that required vaccinations. There have been multiple coaches who refused to give the shot.

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