Elon Musk Confirms “Challenges” With Toilet on Tourist Spacecraft

"Definitely upgraded toilets" are available for the next flight.
What's That Smell?

As if the idea of going to the toilet in microgravity was too complicated.

SpaceX's historic Inspiration4 flight had four tourists who smelled a little bit. The Waste Management System was affected by an anomaly. Its suction fan caused the crew to have difficulty doing their jobs while they were hundreds of miles above ground.

Musk promised to make improvements for the next all-civilian flight of space tourism. Musk replied to another Twitter account requesting heated toilet seats. This flight was not without its challenges.

We don't know why the crews trip was disrupted by the suction fan. If crewed spaceflight history is any indication, it's possible that things turned out to be quite unpleasant. Three days without fresh air is a long time.



No Open Windows

Despite decades of human spaceflight, space toilet technology is still a work in process. NASA issued a call last year for improved space toilet designs to give future astronauts better bathroom experiences.

Christian Cotichini, CEO of HeroX, said last year that if you have ever pooped in space you will know that NASA needs your help. I have some video that I can send to you. It's not beautiful.

There have been a few other failures on the International Space Station toilet. One instance saw water gushing into the cabin.

It is undoubtedly expensive to travel on a Crew Dragon. SpaceX should use last week's launch to learn and improve.



SpaceX Tourists Face Problems with Space Toilet

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