Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Not Following Each Other on Instagram

The story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance has been captivating for almost half of 2021. And somehow, they seem to have done it all without sharing their stories on social media.
Bennifer 2.0 is hot and heavy since spring, not long after J Lo split from Alex Rodriguez. They managed to grab all of the headlines with their public outings without clicking follow on each other's Instagram accounts.

It seems that the only connection between them, other than J Lo's July 24th birthday post on IG, was their liking of a Ben photo on a fan page earlier in the month.

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They are just living their couple life IRL.

There have been many other ways they could show their love. TMZ reported that Ben had been texting J LO incessantly since February. He was telling her he would take her pen and he would be her own man. This is a reference to her love for the way Ben writes.

They're also on full display around the globe, with full public view in the United States as well as abroad.