You can now pay $3.99 per month to hear Marvel podcasts early

SiriusXM uses Apple Podcasts to increase its subscription sales, particularly for Marvel content. Today, the company launched an Apple Podcast channel for Marvel content. It also offered a $3.99 per-month subscription called Marvel Podcasts Unlimited. Subscribers who pay will have early access to shows that are available a week before the general release. They also get exclusive titles like Declassified, which is a documentary about the history and development of Marvel Comics. These benefits are also available for SiriusXM subscribers via the SXM app.
Sirius Marvel subscription products will only be offered by Apple as the exclusive third-party partners. This news comes after Sirius and Marvel reached a deal to create shows only for Sirius properties that feature Marvel's iconic characters in 2019.

Podcasts about comics are becoming more popular as a source of subscribers. In February, Spotify and DC Comics made a deal to launch shows together. HBO Max recently premiered its Batman audio series. It plans to make the exclusive HBO Max app. It is clear that people are familiar with the characters and show names, and they love content based upon comics. Just look at Marvel movies success. However, it is not clear if that same blockbuster status in audio form can be replicated. Sirius may be able to find a new revenue stream with Apple Podcasts and its coveted subscribe button in-app.