United States to reopen borders to European travellers

Officials from the United States confirmed that Covid-19-related travel restrictions for travelers from the European Union, United Kingdom, and other countries will be lifted starting November.
Foreign travellers can fly to the USA starting November if they have been fully vaccinated and are subject to contact tracing and testing.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the destination has been subject to strict restrictions.

Jeff Zients (White House Covid-19 Coordinator) announced the new rules and stated that it was stronger because it is not country-based.

The most important thing is that foreign nationals who fly to the US must be fully vaccinated.

In the beginning of 2020, US travel restrictions were imposed on Chinese citizens. They were later extended to other countries.

Current rules prohibit entry to non-US citizens who were in the UK or any other European country, including South Africa, India, South Africa, Iran, Brazil, and China within the past 14 days.

The new rules require foreign travelers to show proof of vaccination prior to flying. They must also obtain a negative Covid-19 result within three days and their contact information.

They won't be required to quarantine.

Officials stated that there would be exceptions to this new policy, even for children who aren't eligible.

Americans who have not been fully vaccinated can still enter the country, but they must be tested before they return to the US and again after they arrive back home.

Zients stated that the policy would be in effect by November 1, but didn't give a precise date.


These new rules don't apply to land borders. This means that there are still restrictions for cross-border travel to Canada and Mexico.

Julia Simpson, chief executive of the World Travel & Tourism Council, (WTTC), welcomed the news.

She stated that the US could lift travel restrictions to allow transatlantic travel between the UK, US and Canada. This is good news for both the airlines who are struggling as well as the tourism sector which has been devastated by Covid-19.

It will allow families to reunite, business travelers to resume face to face meetings, and tourism to return to Britain for Brits who want to travel to America.

WTTC statistics show that eight percent of inbound travel to America is from the UK, which accounts for US$40 millions per day to its economy.

Rory Boland (Who? Rory Boland, Which? Travel editor, said: There will be more travel opportunities as a result if there are fewer restrictions in the UK and overseas. This is good news for both the industry and travellers.

It is important to remember, however, that although the pandemic continues, there is no way to travel without risk. Also, restrictions can change at any time, sometimes very quickly, potentially putting your cash at risk.

If you are looking to book travel to the USA after restrictions have been lifted, it is a good idea to still work with a provider that offers a flexible booking policy or, if necessary, a package holiday. These offer greater financial protections.

It is important to have a good travel insurance policy. Credit cards are also an option to increase your protection.

Finally, an ABTA spokesperson stated that Christmas in New York is back.

A statement explaining: This news that two-vaccinated travelers will be allowed to travel to America from the UK starting November is fantastic news for business travellers, holidaymakers and those who have been so far away from their families and friends.

The USA is our most visited long-haul destination. In a typical year, almost five million people from the UK visit it.

This announcement will be made in time for people to take the popular Christmas shopping trips to New York. It is a welcome boost to the winter sports market, whose customers love the quality ski resorts.