If the Pixel 6 can't compete with the dull-as-dirt iPhone 13, Google will never win

The Apple Event last week was a bit of an eerie. The new iPad Mini was a small slate that can be used to consume media, and impressed even the most ardent Android users. The regular iPad was mediocre with its large bezels and last-gen chips. The Apple Watch 7 did not have any major design or sensor updates and had no release date. There were also no new laptops or M2/M1X chip options. The iPhone 13 was what truly blew me away. The announcement was lacking any standout moments, despite the adorable Knives Out knockoff home video. It simply moved us through the usual beats of every phone announcement trailer: A brighter display than before! Battery life is longer than ever! By a vague metric, faster than competitors brands
For a reason, this phone was mistakenly called a "12S". This is Apple's off-year.

The iPhone 13 Pro will have a 120Hz LTPO LCD display with variable refresh rate. This is the only major improvement. While the OnePlus 9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the OnePlus 9 Pro already have this, Apple is always behind other brands. It is a significant improvement to be "only" one year behind the competition. VPN Deals: Monthly plans starting at $1 and a lifetime license for $16

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The iPhone 13 doesn't make any major changes to the iPhone 12. Other than the smaller notch, and the upgraded A15 Bionic Chip, the iPhone 13 has little else. Apple didn't give any concrete benchmarks or specs, but it did push the usual platitudes and then focused the other half of the event onto its new video lenses and camera lenses. Although its 12MP camera is not as good as most Android phones, ProRes 4K video could make the iPhone 13 popular among YouTubers and TikTokers. If Google is able to attract millions of Apple users, they will be available for purchase. What effect will a vague launch and uninspiring spec sheet have on sales? CNBC reported that 250million iPhone owners have smartphones three years old or older. The iPhone 13 is a significant improvement over the iPhone X and XR. This could lead to a large, loyal user base upgrading. It's interesting to see if Android phones can get rid of just a few millions of these loyal users. The Pixel 6 Pro seems to be the most likely phone that can compete with the iPhone 13 Pro. Google's most Apple-like smartphone

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Since I was a loyal iPhone user for over a decade, I know what Apple users want. This is a far better experience than I have with Android fans. The Pixel 6 could help bridge this gap and attract more iPhone users. Android users seem to be more concerned about updates than iPhone owners. According to reliable rumors, the Pixel 6 will get five years worth of software updates. Apple users might upgrade their phones every few years but they prefer the option of keeping their phone for longer periods. They can also be used to request updates whenever a new OS is released. The Pixel 6 is a better Android phone than other phones that get only three years worth of updates and then receive updates every year. You should also consider the Pixel 6’s design with its two-tone colors, and catchy rear camera bump. Apple's history of hardware design is filled with striking, multicolored tech. We saw that Apple's iMacs still have a lot of appeal by their many-hued colors. Although the iPhone 13's colorful backs are a nice touch, it's only icing on an otherwise bland cake. Google came up with a truly innovative flagship, while Apple was spinning its wheels. The Pixel 6's software also features eye-catching and playful colors. Android 12's new Material You design language and menus instill color. It also automatically adjusts the color of your menus according to your wallpaper. The Pixel 6 is all about customization. However, it has a stock launcher that Apple converts to colorful tricks.

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The Pixel 6 also offers Apple users an excellent stock app experience. Apple phones can have some apps you might uncharitably refer to as bloatware. This is why many iPhone users rely on Google apps in their day-today lives. It will be much easier to switch to a new smartphone if you can use the same apps as your default apps. Other flagships from Samsung and OnePlus have their own apps stores, along with Google's. I find this too complicated and confusing for iPhone users. The Pixel 6's 50MP primary camera is also rumored. While the iPhone 13 will win the race for the best video quality, the iPhone 13 will not be able to beat it. However, for those who take less videos and more pictures, Google will be more appealing if it properly markets its Pixel 6. Its sensor is more powerful and Google's AI enhancements to photos will be very appealing to iPhone users who are looking to snap high-quality, quick shots. Google must go broke

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Although we don't yet have pre-order sales data for iPhone 13, SCMP reports that Apple has sold 2 million iPhone 13 units to China. iMore also detailed the problems people had when ordering Apple hardware. Is it possible that traffic was so high that the company couldn’t handle it. In the meantime, Pixel sales have been trending downwards over the last few years. In 2019, Google sold 7.2 millions Pixels. The Pixel 4's initial sales were lower than those of the Pixel 3 in the first two quarters. Nikkei Asia reported last January that Google planned to only sell 800,000 Pixel 5 smartphones and approximately 2 million Pixel 4a or 4a 5G handsets. Google's mid-range flagships have not sold! They have consistently outperformed mid-range hardware in our tests thanks to Google's optimizations. However, Android users are choosing faster Samsung hardware or cheaper Pixel "a" smartphones.