Priority Pass Restaurants Guide (2021)

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Update: Lark Creek Grill, SFO, has been added to Priority Pass. This is an amazing new Terminal 2 restaurant addition (thanks to Boco).

Priority Pass consists mainly of airport lounges but the company also includes dozens of restaurants. We've seen many restaurants removed and added over the years, so I wanted a comprehensive, current overview of which restaurants are part of Priority Pass.

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass, the largest network of independent airport lounges in the world, has over 1300 lounges all around the globe. Priority Pass has no direct affiliation with any airline. The majority of Priority Pass's lounges are independent and are not managed by airlines, though there are exceptions.

There are generally two ways to obtain Priority Pass memberships. Either you can purchase a membership directly or you can get one through a premium credit line. The majority of Americans get their memberships through this method. The way you obtain your membership can have an impact on the benefits.

What credit cards are eligible to offer Priority Pass memberships?

The following credit cards are most popular in the United States and come with Priority Pass memberships (enrollment is required) along with guesting privileges.

All cards have Priority Pass memberships. However, Priority Pass cards issued by American Express do not offer credit for restaurant or other non-lounge Priority Pass experiences. Priority Pass members must not be issued by American Express if you wish to visit Priority Pass restaurants. Amex is not included. I believe Amex was trying to reduce costs associated with this benefit and eliminated restaurant privileges as an easy way to do so.

Priority Pass restaurant credits: I think the Chase Sapphire Reserve (review), is still my favorite option.

What is Priority Pass?

The vast majority of Priority Pass locations can be found in airport lounges. These lounges offer plenty of seating, free snacks and drinks, and sometimes even showers.

The Quito Airport Lounge is a traditional lounge that Priority Pass members can access.

Priority Pass can sometimes have trouble negotiating deals with airport lounges in certain cases. This is particularly true for terminals that are heavily occupied by the three major US airlines.

United, Delta, American and American Airlines do not allow Priority Pass to be used by any of their lounges (since Priority Pass is seen as competition for their lounge memberships).

Priority Pass is now partnering with several restaurants in these instances. Priority Pass normally pays lounges a set amount per guest. Priority Pass instead pays restaurants a set amount per guest. Guests then receive credit for an amount they can spend at the restaurant.

Restaurants are generally reimbursed between 80-90% of credit amounts. So if you have $28 credit, you can expect that the restaurant will get about $23 (the discount is given by the restaurants due to the volume they receive from this credit).

Lunch at Viena Restaurant, Miami Airport

What US airport restaurants are eligible for Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is currently available at over twenty-six airport restaurants across the United States. Below is a table showing all the restaurants currently participating in Priority Pass, sorted alphabetically by airport code.

Which international airport restaurants are part of Priority Pass?

Your Priority Pass membership can be used outside of the United States, but I prefer an international lounge over a restaurant for these itineraries. Here's a list of international airport restaurants that accept Priority Pass.

What credit can you get from Priority Pass restaurants

Priority Pass restaurants offer a dollar credit when you visit them. The vast majority of Priority Pass restaurants will give you a $28 credit per head, while a few restaurants will offer you a $30 credit. To see the specific terms, you will need to visit the Priority Pass website and check out the details of the restaurant you are planning to visit.

The credit can only be used per person. If you have Priority Pass privileges that allow guesting and offer credits at Priority Pass restaurants you can multiply your credit by the number of guests you have. Just let the person who swipes your card know how many guests.

You can only use one credit per person if you are traveling solo.

Tampa Airport Breakfast at Cafe By Mise en Place

Menus at Priority Pass restaurants

Here is a listing of all participating restaurants in Priority Pass.

What number of guests can you bring to Priority Pass restaurants

Two factors determine how many Priority Pass guests are eligible for credit at a restaurant.

The membership you have allows only a limited number of guests. For most US-issued credit cards, this number is two.

Some Priority Pass restaurants restrict the number of guests they allow you to bring into their restaurants. For example, some US Priority Pass restaurants will only allow one or two people.

The rules for guests at US Priority Pass restaurants vary widely. For more information, visit the Priority Pass website.

Is it possible to use Priority Pass restaurants only when you arrive?

For confirmed same-day travel, all US Priority Pass restaurants will require that you show your boarding pass. Some restaurants require you to have an outbound ticket (meaning that you are there prior to your flight), while others don't.

You can visit Priority Pass restaurants at any time, even after you arrive on your flight. For each restaurant, please refer to the Priority Pass website.

Is it possible to visit multiple Priority Pass restaurants from the same airport?

Yes, generally speaking. You can visit multiple lounges at certain airports with multiple Priority Pass restaurants.

When is the best time to present your Priority Pass card at restaurants?

This etiquette varies from restaurant to restaurant. Some restaurants charge you upfront while others will only take it off at the end of your meal.

I ask the host at each table if they require my card immediately or later. Most places swipe your card at end of meal, but some swipe it at beginning.

If you swipe it at the last, let your server know when you are ready to pay with Priority Pass.

The machine will be brought over to you, where you'll sign and swipe your card. You'll then receive a receipt (if desired).

You will be charged a fee if you charge more than the Priority Pass credit balance.

Do you tip at Priority Pass restaurants?

Priority Pass is a payment method that can be used to pay for dining at Priority Pass restaurants. It's not different from a gift card. Personally, I recommend tipping the entire amount as you would for dining in an airport restaurant.

Corona Beach House at Miami Airport is the exception to this rule. The 18% gratuity is automatically added to the bill at this restaurant, so you don't need to tip more than that.

Although I would love to see more restaurants adopt this policy I don't think it will happen. Servers shouldn't be left behind by this generous benefit.

I make sure that I can tip in cash. Credit card companies sometimes won't allow me to use credit cards to tip. But if your credit limit is higher than your tip, you can add your tip to your card to cover the excess.

Is there any other Priority Pass restrictions on restaurants?

While you should read the specific terms of each Priority Pass restaurant, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the Terms and Conditions. However, the credit cannot be used for delivery orders or orders made through the Grab & Go feature (if available at a restaurant).

Priority Pass members are exempt from grab-and-go items

You can't take leftovers to certain Priority Pass restaurants.

Bottom line

Priority Pass restaurants can be a great feature for airports or terminals that don't have Priority Pass lounges. They are also a great feature for airports with traditional lounges because you can hop between Priority Pass locations, if you have the time.

Although the food at Priority Pass restaurants may not be gourmet, it is still better than what you'd get on a plane.

If you are a Priority Pass member, be sure to keep an eye out for restaurants in the airport.

What was your experience at Priority Pass restaurants? Are there any other questions you would like to ask?

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