Is this England's best generation of female goalkeepers?

Ellie Roebuck (bottom left) has maintained her position as England's number 1
Women's football's goalkeeping landscape is changing. This means that the fight for England's number 1 spot in England's soccer world has never been more fierce.

A position often criticized in the women's soccer game, many would argue unjustifiably. However, a new era in goalkeeping professionalism is proving fruitful and producing a lot of English talent.

Ellie Roebuck (Manchester City) is currently leading the competition, but she has been absent from the England squad due to injury.

Mary Earps, Manchester United's female goalkeeper, was called up to play in Friday's Women’s World Cup qualifying win over North Macedonia. She will be hoping to continue her role for Tuesday's match at Luxembourg. Hannah Hampton, Aston Villa's young goalkeeper, was snubbed in her place.

Everton's Sandy MacIver (on loan at Birmingham from Manchester United) and Emily Ramsey (on loan at Birmingham - are both exciting young talents while Carly Telford, Chelsea, and Karen Bardsley, Manchester City remain in the frame.

With the home European Championship next summer, who will be in Sarina Wiegman’s squad? How is it possible for England to have such a talented goalkeeping team?

"Anyone could be selected for England"

Hannah Hampton (left), Ellie Roebuck, and Sandy MacIver are all regulars at the Women's Super League

Hege Riise, the Great Britain's head coach, chose to mix youth and experience at the Olympic Games. She selected Roebuck (from Roebuck) and Telford (from Telford), following Bardsley's injury.

Manchester City's Bardsley, 36 said that it was safe to say that this will be the golden generation in goalkeeping and the renaissance.

"Obviously, with the professionalization of the game, it has enabled more and better coaching. This is likely one reason why we see young talent blossom.

Hampton, 20 years old, was invited to train for Team GB despite not being selected. She says that the competition for England's number 1 spot is "definitely our most intense".

"The game has evolved and the role as a goalkeeper has changed." She said that we are not just goalkeepers anymore, but also ball players."

"In the past, there were probably a few goalkeepers that were all-rounders. But now it feels like there are five to six of us. It is definitely the best that we have ever had.

"If I can achieve England selection now, then I will know that I have worked hard and persevered. Because the goalkeeper pool is so good, you have to be able to do it. Anybody could be selected."

What is the history of goalkeeping?

Hannah Hampton was not selected to represent Great Britain, but she trained with the team before the Olympic Games.

Hampton has enjoyed full-time coaching in a professional setting, but her experience is different from that of Chelsea Telford, 34.

Hampton stated that she spoke to Hampton on camp and revealed that she had goalkeeping coaching only once per week, but it wasn't full time.

It's made a lot of progress. Everybody is looking for new and innovative ways to work with teams to increase keepers' involvement.

Bardsley, who was second-up to Roebuck at Manchester City during recent seasons, believes that the perception of goalkeeping has "clearly evolved" since her debut in football.

She said that there are more girls who love football. It's rapidly becoming something you can make a career of, which isn't always the case.

"Sports science supports and underpins it so we have become stronger, smarter, more tactically skilled, and more technical. It has also enabled us to be more intelligent about career longevity and recovery.

There are many reasons, but the most important is the integration of younger players in a professional first-team environment.

"The future is at her feet"

Karen Bardsley (right), says she is passionately involved in mentoring younger goalkeepers like Ellie Roebuck, left

Despite Telford and Bardsley playing a crucial role for England and Team GB, Roebuck's rise - who has consolidated their position as the number 1 for club and country – alongside Hampton, Earps, and MacIver - means that we will likely see new faces at the Euros.

Hampton is now more confident in herself after working with experienced keepers. Telford, Hampton says, has been especially supportive.

"You may not be a good at a particular aspect, but if you believe in yourself and keep trying, people will see you as a winner." Hampton said, "That is the one thing I have learned from them."

"I have tried to learn as much from [Telford] regarding positioning and reading the game. My belief in myself is much higher, and it is evident in my game now.

Hampton can Hampton take Roebuck's spot in the side?

Bardsley believes her club team-mate will "be the future of England" and Manchester City.

"Ellie has been a brilliant. Bardsley said, "I take a lot pride in being part her support network."

She is clearly coming into her own. She is full of energy and positive vibes. We have a great time together in training.

"Ellie is very real and honest. She is exactly who she is. You get what you see.

"I'm excited to see her do the future because it is at her feet."