Trudeau’s Liberal Party Projected To Win Canadian Election But Will Fall Short Of Majority

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus Liberal Party is expected to win Monday's parliamentary elections. However, it will not be able to secure a majority in the final count. This is a setback for Trudeau who gambled on early elections to gain a stronger mandate.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Liberal Leader, speaks to his supporters at a campaign stop in Maple, Canada. Getty Images

The Key Facts

Official results were published at 1 p.m. ET. Trudeaus Liberal Party won 156 of the votes, putting it in front of the Conservative Party's 121 seats. Bloc Qubcois, Quebec's nationalist party is third largest party with 32 seats, while the Green Party and New Democratic Party lead in 27 and 2 respectively. The Liberal Party is the clear leader in the charts but will not be able to achieve the 170-seat majority Trudeau wanted when he called for snap elections. To pass legislation, Trudeaus minor government will need the support of opposition parties such as the left-leaning New Democratic Party. The results mean that the Liberal government is still vulnerable to being overthrown if opposition parties unite.

Important Quote

Trudeau declared that you are sending us back into work with a clear mandate for Canada to overcome this pandemic. You are right when you say that you want to return to the things that you love, and not worry about this election or pandemic.

Important Background

Trudeau called a snap election in August to gain a majority in parliament. This was in spite of his party's failure to win the 2019 elections. According to the Canadian leader, his goal was to secure a strong mandate for the party to lead the country through the pandemic. Trudeau warned Canada's pandemic recovery could be threatened by the Conservative Party, which has opposed vaccine lockdowns and mandates. Canada is now among the most vaccinated countries in the world. However, the opposition criticized Trudeau for calling an unneeded early election two years before Trudeau's term was to end. This was in direct violation of his personal ambitions. Trudeaus gamble was further hindered by the fact that Trudeaus election took place during a period when the Delta variant was straining some hospitals in certain regions of Canada.

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