Border Patrol Agents Seem to Use Horse Reins As Whips Against Haitians

Agents from Border Patrol used whips that looked like horse reins to stop Haitian migrants crossing into the United States.
These images were taken amid chaos at the border between the U.S. and Mexico, particularly in Texas. Scores of people have been crossing the Rio Grande to reach the U.S. side, including thousands of Haitians who have made camp under the bridge in Del Rio. The situation has escalated exponentially in recent weeks.

To deter people, border agents riding on horseback were taped swinging around what appears to be reins or lariats attached on to their horses. Although the video and photos don't seem to show agents actually making contact with the Haitians crossing, it is still quite distressing.

This is the Biden administration's first attention, with white border agents threatening or trying to whip predominantly Black Haitian migrants.

Jen Psaki (POTUS's Press Secretary) was repeatedly asked about the matter during Monday's press conference. She said that staff had seen the footage but needed more information to make an accurate assessment of what was actually occurring before adding further.

Psaki acknowledged that they had not seen anything appropriate, but made it clear that they were still trying to get the full context, despite being questioned by reporters.