Three men who targeted, robbed over 70 Asian women in the Bay Area have been charged

The Santa Clara County District Attorneys Office brought charges against three men in connection to a string of robberies targeting more than 70 Asian women throughout the Bay Area.

According to CBS San Francisco, Derje Blanks (23 years old) and Anthony Robinson (24 years old) were both arrested on September 8. Robinson, who was trying to flee authorities, reportedly injures a 2-year old child and his father in a car accident.

Cameron Moody (27), was taken into custody in Union City. This arrest ended a multi-jurisdictional probe that began in late 2020.

Robinson allegedly said to police that Robinson was not concerned about the age of the people he was taking items from, NBC Bay Area reported.

Cameron Moody (27), was taken into custody in Union City. The arrest of the three suspects concluded a multijurisdictional investigation, which was initiated in late 2020.

This crime spree included robberies, purse snatching and robbery in San Jose, Hayward and East Palo Alto.

The evidence showed that defendants targeted victims based upon their race. Robinson allegedly told police that Asian women don't use banks and that they only carry cash.

Santa Clara County District Attorneys Office convicted the suspects of over 70 counts felony robbery and additional hate crime enhancements. Robinson is currently being held without bail while Blanks bail was set at $500,000. Moody will appear in court next week.

Three suspects were arrested

Anthony Robinson, Stockton

Derje Blanks, San Jose

Cameron Moody, East Palo Alto

Robinson is being held without bail

Blanket bail set at $500k

Moody will appear in court next week.

Ian Cull (@NBCian September 18, 2021

Their M.O. Their M.O. : They would wait for their female victims to get in their car, then open or smash the windows and take their purses.

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The SJPD released security footage showing the suspects stealing a purse from the car of a woman.

According to the DAs office, some victims sustained injuries as the suspects pulled on or wrestled the women to the ground.

Three men were arrested in connection with more than 70 robberies that took place in the Bay Area. They targeted Asian-American women, excluding banks, casinos and Asian markets. @SanJosePD conducted a yearlong investigation in all 50 counties. Story at 5 on @nbcbayarea

Ian Cull (@NBCian September 17, 2021

For more information, please contact the SJPD at 408 277-4166.

Featured Image via @NBCian

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