So Snoop Dogg just claimed to be a prominent NFT booster

Snoop Dogg, the well-known rapper, tweeted Monday that he was behind a Twitter account discussing NFTs. This is true. Although Snoop Dogg has already released NFTs, it's nothing new for celebrities who have a Twitter account that tweets constantly about crypto. However, owning over a hundred crypto tokens would be a different level. Is this a prank? Is this a prank? Although it's not clear, it is certainly interesting.
@CozomoMedici, a Twitter account named after an Italian banker from Renaissance Italy, has amassed quite a lot of followers in just a month. It's been talking about crypto for a while now. The account is famous for spending millions of dollars on NFTs. For at least a few days, the person behind the Medici account was talking about releasing personal details. He even ran a poll asking people to guess their true identity. Snoop Dogg wasn't one of the options. AOC and the lead singer from Muse were. Today, the account creator announced that they would tweet their identity using their personal account. He said that this would be revealed because they are very famous. Snoop Dogg sent the following tweet: I am @CozomoMedici five minutes later.

As promised, I will shortly dox from my personal bank account.

The tweet will be noticed, as my fame is immense. People who are interested in my identity will soon be able to find out. Cozomo de Medici (@CozomoMedici) September 20, 2021

It is tempting to link Medicis involvement in Whatcha Say and Wiggle (feat. Jason Derulo), with Medicis. Snoop Dogg, as proof of his prominent status in the space. The R&B singer thanked Medici and asked for his assistance in purchasing a CryptoPunk earlier in the month. However, today's possible reveal raises questions: Did Derulo look to Medici simply because they were prominent within the NFT space or was he aware that it was actually one of their peers?

Although the Medici account was only created last month, it has already gained some attention by being mentioned in a story published by The Block. The Medici OpenSea account has about 100 NFTs (some of them bought for millions of dollars in Ethereum).

What is an NFT? You can buy and sell unique digital items, and track who is the owner using blockchain technology. NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token. It can contain any digital item, such as drawings, animated GIFs and songs. An NFT could be unique, such as a painting or trading card. The blockchain tracks who owns the file. Recent headlines have focused on NFTs, which can be sold for millions of dollars. High-profile memes such as Nyan Cat's deal with it sunglasses and Nyan Cat are both up for auction. NFTs are also making headlines due to their huge electricity consumption and negative environmental impact. You can also read our FAQ about NFTs if you have any questions.

You know what I mean. It was a good idea to go and look on their OpenSea accounts. I found some interesting things that might be quite amusing if Medici is actually Snoop.

First, Snoop's confession was tweeted by Snoop. The Medici account purchased two NFTs with weed-themed artwork by NyanDogg. Since the reveal, the account was also sent a cloud with blunt- and Snoop-themed NFTs.

Wait, isn't that Snoops Twitter avatar too?

This could be a troll on Snoop Doggs' part or that Medici coordinated it with Snoop. The real identity of the Medicis is still unknown. Although the Medici Twitter account liked a lot of tweets relating Snoop dogs, it is possible that Snoop claimed to me and I would like to see tweets about it, despite the fact Snoop not being Snoop Dogg.

It is hard to predict what will happen after all this. Is Snoop Dogg going to be a thought leader in NFT? Are there any more celebrities who have claimed to have used crypto accounts (perhaps Snoops friend Martha Stewart was Pranksy). Or is this a prank?

While the answers to these questions are not clear at the moment, there is one tangible consequence of Snoops tweets: Snoops mentions are now flooded with NFT project pitchers. Never would I have thought that we'd share this much in common.

Last note: While I can't stress enough that there is no hard evidence linking Snoop to the Medici account but there is one critical clue: Medici often signs tweets with a wine emoji. Who has his own brand? Snoop Dogg. We're done.