Search warrant for Brian Laundrie: Gabby Petito's mom says conversations and texts with her appeared to show 'more and more tension' between couple

Gabby Petito talks to the camera in her YouTube/Nomadic upload YouTube/Nomadic Statitik
A Florida search warrant refers to Gabby Petito’s mother's descriptions of their calls and messages.

According to the warrant, her mom believed that Petito and Laundrie were in "more tension."

Monday's FBI search warrant was executed at Laundrie’s house by the FBI, declaring it to be a crime scene.

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Florida law enforcement filed a search warrant last week to search Brian Laundrie’s computer. It mentioned the appearance of "more tension" between Gabby Petito (and Laundrie) in text and phone conversations between Petito's mother Nichole Schmidt and Petito.

The warrant stated that the subject had sent numerous text messages during the trip and talked to her mother Nichole Schmidt via cellphone communication. "During these conversations, there seemed to be more tension between her mother Nichole Schmidt and Laundrie."

Screenshot of Brian Laundrie's search warrant Insider

North Port Police Department filed the warrant after Laundrie, his 22-year old fiancee Gabby Petito disappeared late August. They were embarking on a cross-country trip.

According to the Florida police warrant, Schmidt also stated that she received "odd text messages" from Petito. The last one was sent on August 27th. In this text, Petito refers to her grandfather as Stan. This was an unusual reference to her mother, and raises concern that Petito's phone may have been used by someone else.

According to the warrant, it was the tenor and then lack of communication from Petito that prompted her mother to contact authorities.

This warrant was issued to Laundrie in order to gain entry to her computer and other electronic devices.

Separately, on Monday, Laundrie's family was served with a warrant by the FBI to search their North Port, Florida home. The FBI declared the area a crime scene.

"The FBI executed a court-authorized search order today at the Laundrie home in North Port, FL that is relevant to the Gabrielle "Gabby") Petito investigation," the FBI Tampa office stated in a tweet.

Laundrie's home was declared a crime spot just one day after a body believed to be Petito was discovered in Grand Teton National Park. To determine if the body is Petito, an autopsy will take place on Tuesday, September 21.

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