Bezos Pledges To Spend $1 Billion On Land And Ocean Conservation

Forbes ranks Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, as the richest person on Earth. He announced Monday that he will spend $1 billion to conserve land and sea resources over the next decade. This is part of his commitment to spend $10 billion last year on climate change.

Forbes photographed Jeff Bezos, Amazon, August 2018. Michael Prince/The Forbes Collection

The Key Facts

In a statement, the initiative stated that $1 billion will be spent by the Bezos Earth Fund, which was established in 2020 to protect and manage protected and preserved areas. The fund will spend on areas important for biodiversity and carbon stock. It mentioned the Andes in South America and the Congo Basin, but didn't specify any specific targets. The conservation effort is part of 30x30 which aims to preserve 30% of Earth's oceans and land by the end the decade.

Big Number

$195.1 billion According to Forbes, that's Bezos net worth at the moment. He is therefore the richest person in the world.

Important Background

Bezos proposed to spend $10 billion over 10 year, or less than 10% of his total net worth, on climate change mitigation. Bezos made his first gift announcement late last year: $791 million in donations for 16 climate-focused charities. This included the World Wildlife Fund which pledged to use its $100 million Bezos Earth Fund grant to forest protection, mangrove restoration, and other projects. Two weeks ago, the fund promised $150 million to climate justice organizations.

Chief Critic

Amazon, which pledged to be carbon neutral by 2040, has been under pressure from its employees to reduce its emissions. Some critics have focused on Amazon's large delivery network.


Bill Gates, the fourth-richest man in the world, also made a significant climate change commitment Monday. He announced that he has raised $1 billion from large corporations to invest in green technologies such as direct air capture.