SpaceX Says It May Build Starships Exclusively for Space Tourism

"Starship will be capable of carrying a lot more people at one time."
Rising Demand

SpaceX sent four astronauts on a three-day joyride around Earth in its Crew Dragon spacecraft last Wednesday. The mission has caused a surge of interest and sent SpaceX's share of the market soaring.

According to Benji Reed, senior director of human spaceflight programs at the company, this has led to a significant increase in people approaching us via our marketing and sales portals. Ars Technica quoted him as saying that Saturday's press conference. There is a lot of interest in the area right now.

Reed claims that Starship, the company's larger spacecraft, may be used to launch tourists. This is a huge upgrade that would allow for significantly more passengers to take a very expensive trip into space.

Starship is also on the horizon. Starship will be capable of carrying a lot more people at one time, he said. There are both Dragons as well as Starships. This is exciting.



Starship Cruise

SpaceX has made great progress in developing its Starship spacecraft, and its Super Heavy booster. However, the launch system is still far from ready for orbit. Although a test flight to orbit was originally scheduled for this summer due to regulatory approvals and other red tape, a launch in 2021 is increasingly unlikely.

It is exciting to think of a Starship spacecraft that can accommodate 100 people who are keen to explore space by themselves. Crew Dragon has been a reliable means of transporting astronauts to International Space Station, but a cruise boat sounds more fun than a taxi.

Reed stated that Reed is looking into building more Crew Dragon capsules for tourism, if there is demand.

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