Gabby Petito 911 Call from Utah Traffic Stop Alleges BF Slapped Her

Fox News: Watch video
Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito's boyfriend allegedly hit and slapped her before they were pulled over in Utah. She vanished shortly after that.

FOX obtained the 911 call, which was made on August 12, near Moab in Utah. This is not far from Gabby and Brian's final stop. A city cop captured Gabby distraught and Brian seemingly denying that anything had ever happened.

You can hear the man telling the operator that he called to report a domestic conflict he witnessed in the town. He then goes on to paint a picture and provide a license plate number and descriptions.

The operator questions the operator about what they were doing. The guy says that he saw the male hitting and slapping the female and then the two of them running up and down the street before jumping in the van and driving away.

Watch video 8/12/2021 Moab Police Department

Soon after, Gabby, Brian, and an officer from Moab stopped them and interrogated them. Although neither Gabby or Brian were able to admit to physical contact, it was evident that the former was experiencing a difficult time and was suffering from a mental breakdown. She began to cry in front the officer. Brian claimed that they had just been arguing... nothing more.

FOX reports that an official Police account of the entire incident stated that "no one reported the male striking the female". This appears to contradict the FOX report.

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We reported that the feds believe they have found Gabby's remains in Wyoming's national park. This is one of the last places Gabby was said to have been with Brian. Brian returned to Florida alone and has since disappeared.