Is Guatemala City Worth Visiting?

OMAAT readers collectively have been almost everywhere. So Im sure there will be some thoughts.
Guatemala City is worth a visit?

There are a few countries in Central America that I have visited and they are worth the trip for their beautiful scenery. Except for Panama City, I cannot say that I have ever gone out of my way in Central America to visit any other city, unless I am on a long distance run or en route to another place.

Calala Island, Nicaragua was a wonderful place to visit.

However, I have heard good things about Guatemala City and am now tempted to go. I'm not expecting Paris or Hong Kong but could any OMAAT readers who have visited Guatemala City share their experiences? Is there a great restaurant? Are there any great restaurants? Are there day trips that are fun from the city? It is safe (assuming that you are using common sense and not acting like an idiot).

I am considering Guatemala City as a destination

Why am I asking questions about Guatemala City? Here are a few reasons.

First, it is a country I havent been to, so I would like to add it to my list.

Additional benefits include the fact that flights from the United States and Guatemala are extremely cheap. For example, you can fly roundtrip from Miami, Florida, to Guatemala City for $130.

The Hyatt Centric Guatemala City gets great reviews and looks nice. It's also quite affordable.

Hyatt Centric Guatemala City pool

This seems like a great long weekend getaway, with cheap flights and good hotels, in the not too distant future.

Bottom line

Although I cannot say that Guatemala City is on my top list of places to see, Im seriously considering going there. Guatemala is a country that I haven't visited, but the fares are very cheap and there is a Hyatt hotel that looks nice and is reasonably priced, which for me, is enough to make plans to go.

Any thoughts for those who were in Guatemala City?