U.S. to Lift Travel Ban for Vaccinated Visitors

The travel restrictions for foreigners who have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus will be lifted by the Biden administration in November. This will allow the country to reopen to thousands of people who have been separated in the United States due the pandemic. It also eases tension with Europe.
The U.S. tourism sector, which was severely affected by the pandemic, will be revived with the lifting of the 18-month ban on 33 countries from traveling. According to the U.S. Travel Association (a trade association that promotes travel within and outside the United States), the industry lost $500 billion in travel spending in 2020. This includes a 79 percent decline in international travel spending.

The state comptroller discovered that tourists have wiped out 89,000 tourism jobs in New York City and caused a loss in revenue of over $60 billion.

Roger Dow, president of U.S. Travel Association, stated that this is a significant turning point in the management and recovery of millions of travel-related jobs lost due to international travel restrictions.


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