Buffalo Bills fans could end up in Amazon commercial

In Week 2, the Bills' running backs Devin Singletary (running back for the Bills) and Zack Moss (running back for the Dolphins) combined for three touchdowns. With Washington next on the agenda, what role will they play in the offense? Video by Alaina Getzenberg (0:47)
BUFFALO -- Amazon wants a Buffalo resident who can jump through a table. Seriously.

Casting Buffalo posted a Facebook ad looking for actors to take part in an Amazon commercial. Casting Buffalo is looking for actors to play a variety roles as fans of the Buffalo Bills, including young and old. A table jumper is one of the key roles.

A table jumper is described as a "diehard fan," eccentric, and goofy. They only care about the Buffalo Bills winning. Table jumping experience is encouraged. The chosen person will have one line: "Staaat this." For 12 hours of work, the pay is $550 Part of the application is video auditions.

An Amazon advertisement could see a Bills fan smash through a table. Jason Hahl. Photo by Jason Hahl

Bills fans are known for their tailgating. They even jump through tables before games at Highmark Stadium. These celebrations are becoming more popular due to the team's recent success.

For Oct. 5, Oct. 6, or Oct. 7, availability is required

Sunday's victory by the Bills over the Miami Dolphins brought them to 1-1.