Florida police say they've 'exhausted all avenues' searching the Carlton Reserve for Brian Laundrie

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. Police Department North Port
Florida police claimed they have exhausted all options in their search for Brian Laundrie's Carlton Reserve.

Police in North Port said that Brian Laundrie is still being sought by law enforcement agencies.

Authorities stated Sunday that Gabby Petito, Laundrie's fiancée, was believed to be found dead in Wyoming.

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Florida police Monday said they had exhausted all avenues in their search for Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito's fianc.

North Port Police Department is the agency leading the investigation. It stated that it has no plans to conduct a major hunt on the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve.

Police have been searching the area ever since Saturday morning, after Laundrie's family said on Friday that Laundrie went there to hike last week. Laundrie remains missing.

"At the moment, we believe that we have exhausted all avenues to search for the ground there. Police in North Port said that law enforcement agencies are still searching for Brian Laundrie.

Authorities said that they discovered a body in the vicinity of Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park. It was believed to belong to Petito. Tuesday will see an autopsy to confirm the identity.

The human remains were discovered more than one week after the woman, aged 22, was reported missing by her family from New York.

Police identified Laundrie as a person-of-interest in her disappearance. The couple had taken a cross country road trip west in a white camper van converted to a caravan on July 2.

Police have confirmed that he returned to Florida on September 1 with the van, but without Petito.

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