Chris Wallace Says He Occupies ‘So Much Space In Donald Trump’s Brain Rent-Free’

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace noted Sunday that Trump seems to be a constant presence in his mind.
Howard Kurtz, MediaBuzz host, discussed Peril, the book by Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, in a broad interview. It examines Trump's chaotic exit from office.

Trump continues to criticize you for the first presidential debate he moderated last year. Kurtz said Wallace that Trump didn't have control.

Chuckling Wallace stated: I am very grateful to Donald Trump for allowing me to rent so much of his brain. He doesn't want to speak about me, but he does still want to discuss the September 29, 2020 debate.

Wallace responded that Trump had interrupted Biden 145 time in the debate.

He joked that he thought it was a world record.

The debate between Trump, President Joe Biden was chaotic and off-the-rails. Trump's insults and constant interruptions made it an uncontrollable and frustrating affair. Wallace, as moderator, was sometimes unable to control the rule-breaking. Trump later accused Wallace, accusing him of siding with Biden. He has also attacked Wallace regarding the debate more recently.

During Trump's presidency, Wallace was critical of Trump and was the subject to multiple Twitter tirades.

You can watch the video below via Raw Story.

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