COVID-19 Vaccines Seem to Affect Periods, And That's Finally Being Investigated

Experts say that thousands of women have reported experiencing disrupted periods since the introduction of COVID-19 vaccinations.
Sky News reported that more than 30,000 women claimed their menstrual cycle was affected by the COVID-19 vaccination.

Many women have experienced a disruption to their periods thanks to the UK's Yellow Card program. This scheme allows people to report side effects of any medication, including vaccinations.

The British Medical Journal published Dr. Victoria Male, a Reproductive Imologist from Imperial College London. She stated that although these changes are temporary and safe, it is important to investigate why they occur.

The National Institute of Health in the USA is investing US$1.67 Million to understand the effects of COVID-19 vaccines on periods.

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"Robust research on this potential adverse reaction is critical for the overall success and viability of the vaccination program." Dr. Male

Caroline Criado Perez, author of Invisible Women, wrote in The Telegraph: "As with many clinical studies, COVID-19 vaccine trial did not investigate menstrual cycles effects in fact, women in many trials are wholesale excluded due to potential menstrual effects. So perhaps we should be thankful that women were included at any rate."

Dr. Males are generally more concerned about post-vaccine changes than the majority of people who report normalizing their lives quickly.

The data shows that COVID-19 has no adverse effects on fertility or pregnancy.

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