Carson Wentz injures right ankle in Indianapolis Colts' loss to Los Angeles Rams

Jacob Eason replaces Carson Wentz. Jalen Ramsey picks up his pass. (0:17).
INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts quarterback Carson Wentz will be evaluated for further injuries to his right ankle in the future. He sustained it in Sunday's fourth quarter loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

The injury occurred when Wentz tried to crawl and was then taken to the ground on third down by Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams defensive end. Replays showed Wentz's right leg twisting as he fell. He claimed that he could feel the ankle twisting under the pile immediately. Wentz took a while to stand up, then limped to the sidelines.

Frank Reich, Colts coach, said that "he rolled it up pretty badly." I had a feeling when he left the field. It wasn't looking good. Sometimes, if you return in immediately while it's still warm, you might be able to get a few more plays. He tried but it was impossible to get any play. The field stiffened the longer we were away from it.

While the training staff treated his ankle, Wentz seemed clearly upset. At one point, he threw his helmet. Wentz did not return to the game. Jacob Eason, second-year quarterback, played the Colts' final two series. Eason made an interception on his second attempt at passing the ball after he entered the game.

"Felt it immediately. "Tried to tape it up, and did everything I could to finish this game," Wentz stated. "... "... This one, I couldn't stand on it."

Wentz's career has been marked by injuries. In his first five NFL seasons, he has only played one full season. The most severe injury he sustained was a torn anterior cruciate ligament, which he suffered in 2017 against the Rams. After having left foot surgery, Wentz missed three weeks training camp. In Wentz's absence, the majority of the first team snaps were taken by Eason. If Wentz is unable to return for a prolonged period, he'll likely start against Tennessee Week 3.

It was believed that Wentz, who was acquired from Philadelphia in the offseason, would be able to remain healthy and play behind an offensive line that had been strong in previous seasons. Wentz has been 45-of-69 for 498 yard with three touchdowns, an interception and a knack for extending plays with his feet. He has been hit a lot too many times. Wentz was sacked six more times, and he was also hit 21 more times in the first two games.

Reich stated, "When you have an injured running quarterback, everyone says, there you are." "Half of the quarterbacks in the league play Carson-style, extending plays. I'm trying to do things like this. His play is inspiring.

The Colts are currently 0-2 under Reich and are about to embark on a three-game road trip. Since 2011, Indianapolis has not started a season that is 0-3.