Ikea’s $40 Sjömärke pad puts a wireless charger under your desk

Ikea was one of the first to sell furniture with wireless charging coils. But what if you don't have one of its power-up desks? Next month will bring seamless Wireless Qi charging to your home without the need for any decorating. The Sjmrke is a wireless charging pad that works with existing furniture and costs $39.99.
This is not a Qi charging pad where your phone or earbuds would be placed directly on the mat. The aluminum and plastic charger measures seven inches by three inches. It can be used to charge plastic or wood.

Mounting the device on a piece of wood or plastic will allow it to safely transmit an electric charge to the other side. The minimum distance between the phone and the device should be 8mm. Ikea recommends that it be placed on a surface of 3-8/8 to 7/8 inches thick.

Ikea's manual (pdf) states that it is perfect to mount on a desk or side table to charge your cables and chargers.

It displays charging status and has temperature and power monitoring to ensure safety. It is compatible with Qi 1.2.4's baseline power profile. This means it can charge at standard 5W without any Samsung, Google, or Apple-specific improvements. It's still impressive enough to charge your phone simply by placing it on the desk. The Verge was informed by an Ikea spokesperson that the Sjmrke would be available in-stores in the US and in other countries starting in October.