Police Say The Fiancé Of Missing

Police stated that they don't know where Brian Laundrie is. His 22-year-old "vanlife" influencer fiance Gabrielle Petito was reported missing after he returned from a cross country road trip several weeks ago. Officials are actively looking for him.
According to the FBI, law enforcement officers and other agents are searching for Laundrie at the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County. This sprawling park covers 25,000 acres.

Police released a statement saying that a lawyer representing the Laundrie family called investigators on Friday night, "indicating that the family would like talk about the disappearance" of their son. "The family claims they haven't seen Brian since Tuesday this week," police said in a statement.

Joshua Taylor, North Port Public Information Officer, told BuzzFeed News that Laundrie had been returned from his road trip alone by police and was believed to be at his home with Petito.

For nearly a week, police have sought to interview Laundrie. They began last Saturday at Laundrie's family home where the couple lived before their trip. According to the police statement, they didn't hear back from Laundrie's family until Friday's disappearance.

"For six days, the FBI and North Port Police Department have been asking the family to contact investigators about Brian's [fiance] Gabby. The statement said Friday was the first time they had spoken in detail with investigators."

Police reiterated that Laundrie is an individual of interest in Petito’s disappearance but not a suspect. Officials stated that the investigation is being handled as a missing persons case and not a criminal case.

Richard Stafford, an attorney representing Petito's family, didn't immediately respond to a Saturday comment request. Stafford said to CNN that Gabby's entire family wants the world to know that Brian has not disappeared, but is hiding. Gabby is missing.