Empty Liquor Bottles Found Inside In-Development Air Force One

According to the company, it is taking the matter seriously.
How to Get Sauced

While it is not uncommon to go to happy hour after work to relax and enjoy a few beers, your boss won't appreciate you doing so during work hours. If your job involved building one the most highly-classified aircraft in the world, it would be a bad idea for your boss.

Boeing found itself in this situation after two small bottles of tequila, which were empty, were discovered on one its new Air Force One aircrafts. Anonymous sources informed The Wall Street Journal. It is still not clear where the bottles were found or how they got there. Sources say that Boeing is taking the matter seriously.

This makes sense. It makes sense.

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The spokesperson for Boeing said the issue was a personnel issue and that the company is trying to improve its manufacturing quality. The situation has not been commented upon by the White House or the US Air Force.



This is a part a strange trend at Boeing, according to WSJ. There have been several instances where tools, debris and rags from the plant were left on company aircraft. Air Force officials have complained about the factory debris found in military aircraft tanks in the past.

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