Taliban Pedal Boating with Assault Rifles in Afghanistan National Park

The Taliban are apparently using abandoned luxury items in Afghanistan to their advantage, pedal boating in an empty lake.
These photos show a group of Taliban militants cruising the waters of the Band-e Amir National Park, near the Bamiyan Provience.

While the Taliban members pedal, they also make sure to have their weapons of choice with them -- including what appears to be an assault rifle and a rocket launcher.

It's an odd scene... it's one of many of them that have appeared of the Taliban in seemingly unrelated situations. This, of course after they've taken control of Afghanistan and had their way with the place following a chaotic withdrawal by U.S. forces and allied troops.

Watch video content @Mulhak/Twitter

A few years ago, two men from the Taliban captured themselves using a machine in a Kabul gym. They were having fun with it and laughing at each other.


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