Texas Mom Loses It Over Anal Sex in Book at School Board Meeting

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A Texas mom used her time on the podium at a school board meeting for ranting about sexually explicit content, namely anal sex.

Kara Bell, an online identity of the woman, attended the meeting, which was supposed be about COVID, to voice her concerns in a book that is available to middle school students.

Bell claims that the book "Out of Darkness" by Ashley Hope Prez contains a section on anal sex which she believes is inappropriate.

Bell stated to the board that she did not want her children to learn about anal sexuality in middle school. I have never experienced anal sex. Anal sex is not something I want. I don't want my children to have anal sex. I would like you to put more emphasis on education than public health.

According to reports, the school board pulled the book from the library shelves after Bell complained. A spokesperson for the district told KXAN that "a district shall not remove materials in a library for students access to ideas which the district does not agree with."