The Republican Party is more like 'Tinder for terrorists' than the party of Abraham Lincoln, a former homeland security official told MSNBC

An ex-national security official stated that the Republican Party was like Tinder for terrorists.
Miles Taylor spoke on MSNBC about the right-wing rally "Justice for J6".

Self-described Republican claimed that the GOP does not resemble the party of Abraham Lincoln.

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An ex-homeland security official stated that the Republican Party was like a Tinder for terrorists, where radicals can "swipe right to match with an extremist politician" who supports their views.

Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff for Department of Homeland Security, spoke on MSNBC Saturday to discuss "Justice for J6."

Miles Taylor stated that he was disturbed by the spike in support for violence political across the country.

"This rally is being held in order to liberate the insurrectionists. These are not political prisoners, let's be clear. These are criminals. Some of these criminals are responsible for the deaths and injuries of police officers.

The rally was organized by the right to support more than 600 people who were arrested for the Capitol riot. However, it was only sparsely attended.

In the days preceding the event, Donald Trump supported the Capitol rioters and called them "political prisoner"

Taylor, who is a self-described Republican, criticised his party for allowing the Capitol rioters to continue their widely disproved claim that the 2020 election had been rigged.

Donald Trump and his associates have filed numerous lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results. However, all of them failed.

Taylor stated that the Republican Party, Taylor's party, had in many cases continued to support the Big Lie but has also offered and voiced support for these criminals.

Miles Taylor stated that the Republican Party must ask whether it wants to remain the party of Abraham Lincoln, and its founding ideals.

Taylor stated that today, Taylor thinks we look more like Tinder for terrorists, where radicals from all walks of the country can swipe right to match up with an extremist politician, who then tries and bails them out of prison when they get into trouble or commit crimes.

"So, if you ask us right now we look a bit less like the party Lincoln and more like Tinder for terrorists."