When Jordana Brewster learned the first scene she filmed for 'Fast 9' was going to be cut from the movie, she initially thought she did something wrong

Jordana Brewster talks to Insider about the scene she shot for "F9", which is now in the extended director’s cut. Insider
A restored scene from the Director's Cut "F9" shows that Mia watched Little Brian's film start.

This was the first scene Jordana Brewster had filmed for the franchise after 2015's "Furious 7."

Brewster said that she understood why the cut was made, but was disappointed.

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The first scene Jordana Brewster shot in order to make a return to the "Fast and Furious" franchise after six years was taken from the theatrical version "Fast 9," which debuted in theaters in June.

Fans will be able to now see the extended director's cut for "F9" now that it is available digitally.

Brewster said that it was difficult for actors to hear the director say, "That scene's not in the cut," during an Insider press conference. "You just kind of go, ‘Wait. What is the matter? What was I doing wrong? I don't understand. It's not clear to me.

It was perfectly fine. It actually answers a crucial question that might have made you rethink Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel's) parenting skills.

After putting his son Little Brian to bed, Dom heads out on an adventure with Letty, Ramsey, Tyrese, Tej (Ludacris) the next day. Little B is nowhere to be seen.

Fans were left wondering what happened to Little B. Letty and Dom left their child alone? It certainly seemed that way.

Jordana Brewster portrays Mia in "F9." Universal Pictures

The restored scene from "F9: The Director's Cut", however, shows that this is not true. The deleted scene shows Dom calling his sister Mia (Jordana Brewed) and she arrives the next day to care for her nephew.

She mentions her husband Brian (Paul Walker) as well.

Justin Lin, the director of Insider, said that he struggled to cut the scene.

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Lin stated that Jordana was probably driven crazy by Lin's insistence on cutting the nearly minute-long scene.

Justin Lin talks about the difficult decision to remove Mia's scene from the theatrical "F9" version. Insider

"We did this scene, and I'm like, "Man. Lin spoke about the film's pace, saying, "We gotta get moving, but let’s shoot it." "When we had finished cutting it, Jordana called me and said, "You look amazing in this scene. I am putting it back in." She was like, "Yeah."

"Then, I played with it until I realized that the extended cut was going live. I felt like it was necessary for pacing and had to take it out. Lin spoke of Lin's decision to cut Mia’s opening scene in F9. "That was a difficult one."

After Letty informs Mia that Jakob (John Cena), her long-lost brother, has returned to the film's theatrical cut, Mia makes her appearance in the 37 minute mark.

Brewster stated that there are no hard feelings about the scene being cut, particularly when she realized it was a story decision.

Brewster stated that she is glad fans can see the scene now. Insider

Brewster stated, "Ultimately, when the film was shown, I was like that makes more sense to introduce you later on."

"I was bummed because, as you're correct, that idea of Dom & Letty hiding out, and me visiting them was a terrible idea. I filled them in on Brian's activities, and it was sad to let it go," she said. "But I'm really glad that the audience gets it now."

Two of the most important restored scenes are by Brewster in "F9:The Director's Cut." A second scene in the film shows more of Mia's adventures to Tokyo with Letty, along with her babysitting scenes.

Letty and Mia take a trip to Tokyo in search of clues about Han. Universal Pictures

Brewster said earlier this year that Letty was finally getting scenes with Mia in the movie, after Rodriguez pointed out that they hadn't shared any scenes in the franchise.

These scenes form part of the seven-minute director's cut.

Lin is aware of the fact that when people revisit "Fast Saga", before "Fast 10" in 2023, this will be the version they will see.

Lin stated that "Fast" is best viewed from the beginning to the end. The extended cut will be considered canon, as it answers a lot more questions.

"F9: Director's Cut" now available digitally and on Blu-ray Tuesday.

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