Elon Musk promises Tesla owners Full Self-Driving beta access. Again.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is an expert at leading his loyal electric vehicle fans, especially when it comes access to the car’s coveted Full Self Driving mode beta.
Musk had predicted that Tesla cars equipped with Full Self-Driving would soon have an on-screen button to "download beta" in less than two weeks. Now, fast forward to September, and Musk has once again promised that the button would be available on all Tesla cars by Friday.

In March, the download beta button did not materialize. (Nor in April. Nor in May.

FSD beta is available only to selected users who are part the early adopters group. Only a few thousand drivers have had access to the FSD beta, which is an advanced driving system that can brake, accelerate and follow traffic signs.

After FSD beta updates (like version 10 released in September), many beta testers upload videos. This version claims to be able to drive on all types of streets, both on and off the highway, without any human intervention. FSD mode requires drivers to be alert and ready to take control of the vehicle at all times.

Musk promises a button that will allow the beta to be opened a week after his FSD beta update. Musk has added a twist to the program for those who want it. Tesla will not open the driving assistance to everyone who pays it ($10,000 or $199 per month). Instead, Tesla will examine the driver's driving habits for seven days. The beta will be made available for download if the driver is considered "good".

Although there are many questions regarding the timing of the driver monitoring week and what Tesla's insurance calculator considers "good" driving behavior by Tesla, this could be the closest that the "beta" button has been to becoming a reality.