Olympic Medalist and Professional Boxer ‘Kicked Off’ American Airlines Because Face Mask Was Too Low

Amir Khan, Olympic boxing medalist and two time world professional boxing champion was left disillusioned and heartbroken by the fact that he and a colleague at work were kicked from an American Airlines flight Saturday morning because of a violation of face mask compliance.
British promoter, boxer and philanthropist, the British pro boxer was scheduled to fly with AA via Dallas from New York City to Colorado Springs to begin a training camp. However, the Olympic silver medalist took it upon himself to tweet his 2.1 million followers to inform them that he needed to find another way to Colorado.

I was displeased to have been banned by @AmericanAir & @traveloneworld for being unable to fly to training camp. Police escorted me off the plane without any reason. I would love to see proof of any wrongdoings #AAteam #Notallterrorists pic.twitter.com/dL3UfFcYYl Amir Khan (@amirkingkhan) September 18, 2021

According to the 34-year old welterweight, I was taken off the plane by police today as I was heading to Colorado Springs training camp.

American Airlines staff made a complaint about my colleague's mask. They said it was too low and not up. He continued, saying that they had to stop my plane and take my friend and me off the plane.

Khans return to pro-boxing after a two-year hiatus was witnessed by the pair as they sat in First class.

They kicked us both out. He was sitting in 1B, while I was at 1A. It is disgusting and disgraceful. I was supposed go to Colorado Springs to train camp. Khan stated in disbelief that he had to cancel his flight to fly back to training camp.

It's very upsetting. There was no reason. American Airlines should ban me from flying. They must have cameras to check if my colleague or I were causing any harm. A scene in any way.

Apart from the surveillance system at the cockpit doors, AA does not have any security cameras aboard its aircraft.

American Airlines stated that two passengers were removed from flight A700 by American Airlines for violating their face masks. They also claimed that there had been problems with passengers storing their bags and putting their phones in airplane mode.

American Airlines Flight 700 (service from Newark Liberty International Airport EWR to Dallas-Fort Worth DFW) returned to the gate prior to takeoff to deplane two passengers who, according to an airline spokesperson, refused to comply to crew members' repeated requests to store luggage, put cell phones in airplane mode, and follow federal face coverage requirements.

The statement said that Mr. Khan is being contacted by our Customer Relations team to share his experiences and to reinforce the importance policies for safety of crew and customers.

Khan can continue to travel with AA. A spokesperson said that police were present at the gate according to policy, but did not interfere in the deplaning process.

The Dallas-based airline rescinded a mother's flight last week after her son, two years old, couldn't bear wearing a mask on a flight.

Amanda Pendarvis tried her best to keep Waylon's mask on, but he began throwing tantrums and refused to wear it. The flight attendants at AA refused to accept Waylons recent negative COVID-19 testing as an alternative, and removed the family from the flight.

AA rebooked Mon and Son on a later flight, which arrived that same day. It was not immediately clear if AA offered Khan and his friend to rebook on another flight.

Khan's video suggested that there were racial undertones in AA's decision to remove them. He also included the hashtag #Notallterrorists

All passengers over two years old must wear a federally approved mask covering their nose and mouth for the duration of their trip, except when they are eating or drinking. Between bites and drinks, the mask should be pulled up.

Recently, the mandate was extended to January 18, 2022.