Barr warned Trump he'd lose election because suburban voters think he's a 'f***ing a**hole', book says

William Barr, the former Attorney General, warned Donald Trump that he would lose 2020 elections months before the contest. This was because suburban voters saw him as a "f***ing A**hole", according to a forthcoming book.
Barr stated to Trump that his base cares about James Comey, former FBI Director, and other accountable men but suburban voters don't care about your f***ing grievances in April 2020.

According to Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, Washington Post journalists, Barr said that Trump was not voting for a base election. "Your base is crucial, and you'll get that out. There are many people, both Republicans and independents, who think that you're an a**hole. You act like an a**hole to them, and that's something you need to consider.


Trump's successor reportedly agreed with this description. According to the book, President Joe Biden commented on Trump's virtual golf toys upon entering the White House. He also viewed a wall-sized video screen that allowed him to play virtual courses.

When Barr told Trump that his "main problem" was believing he was a "f***ing genius politically", Trump said to Barr, Woodward, and Costa.

"I must be a fighter. Trump told Barr that he has gotten to where he is because he's willing to fight.

The Trump campaign filed numerous lawsuits alleging widespread voter fraud in the wake of the 2020 election. Most of these were dismissed by federal courts. Despite assurances from Barr and other public officials about election security, Trump claimed the contest was his own.

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Barr stated last December that "to date, we haven't seen fraud on any scale that could have had an effect on a different outcome in this election."

According to Jonathan Karl's book Betrayal (due out in November), Trump's former attorney general used stronger language behind closed doors and called Trump's claims "bulls ***"" in private conversations.


Barr resigned as Justice Department secretary on December 23, 2020. Jeff Rosen, Barr's deputy served as acting attorney general, until Biden was sworn in to office on January 20.

Next Friday, Peril will be released.

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