LeVar Burton teased his post-'Jeopardy!' plans on 'The Daily Show'

It is quite bizarre that Sony Pictures thinks the only people who can host Jeopardy are those with a poor record on social media. They are those with poor social media or podcasting history, or simply a negative view of women. LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation's star, is already looking into what's next.
Burton shared some thoughts about Jeopardy! a chance during his chat with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. "I made it clear that I wanted it for my own use, that it made sense to myself, and that [my fans] were all over it. He said that it made the same sense to them as it did for me.

But it wasn't to become. Burton realized that the process and, more importantly, what followed it led him to realize it wasn't Jeopardy! It was the opportunity to "compete" that Burton really wanted. Although he admits that he would have accepted the job, he is more excited about the opportunities that were opened by the tryout. "The opportunities that have opened up for me because I didn't get that job, I couldn’t have imagined it."

Noah encourages Noah to hint at the possibility of hosting a game show. "We are trying to find the right game show that LeVar Burton would enjoy." It seems like books would be involved.

The Jeopardy! This interview only shows a small portion of the story. Burton and Noah begin their conversation about books and reading. This brings up a little trivia for the Reading Rainbow host: He has only ever stopped reading a portion of a book. To find out the answer, you'll need to watch this chat.