Manhunt on for Brian Laundrie, now missing boyfriend of vanished Gabby Petito

According to Florida authorities, the boyfriend was described as a person-of-interest after his girlfriend disappeared while they were traveling cross-country last month.
According to the North Port Police Department, the manhunt for Brian Laundrie (23 years old) was focused on the 25,565-acre Carlton Reserve in Sarasota Court. This sprawling park is located in Sarasota Court. There were approximately 50 law enforcement officers involved.

Since Laundrie returned home earlier in the month, he has been unable to talk with frustrated investigators. He was absent Gabby Petito (22), who had lived with him and his parents.

Police reported via Twitter that Laundrie was entered the vast Sunshine State reserve on Tuesday by family members. The family did not give any explanation for Laundrie's inability to contact federal agents.

The Florida police stated that Brian is an individual of interest in Gabby's disappearance. However, they do not believe he is wanted for any crime. We are not currently conducting a crime investigation. Multiple missing person investigations are currently being conducted.

Police say that Friday's call was the first time the Laundrie family spoke with investigators in depth since their son returned home on Sept. 1. The young man declined to meet with officers who visited his parents house.

The Petito family filed an official missing person report with Suffolk County police, L.l. 10 days later. They pleaded with Laundrie for any information he had about Gabby's disappearance.

Petito, originally from Long Island was travelling cross-county in her converted van with Laundrie when she disappeared. This happened after they fought on Aug. 12 while driving through Utah.