Apple vows to pay for Texas employee travel due to abortion ban

Apple is standing up for its employees more.
Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, spoke Friday about his plans to help Texas employees who are affected by Texas's new abortion law known as the "heartbeat bill".

Cook mentioned that Apple's medical coverage would cover workers who have to travel due to Texas' restrictions on abortion access. The New York Times recorded the meeting for employees only.

The September state law was in effect. It prohibits abortions that occur after a heartbeat has been detected in the foetus. This can happen as early as six weeks into pregnancy. Anyone who sues a doctor or an insurance professional who "aids and abets" abortions after a heartbeat is detected under the law will be reimbursed at least $10,000.

Cook stated that Apple was also interested in helping with the legal fight against the abortion law. Texas was sued by the Biden administration over the ban. To consider a temporary ban, a federal hearing will be held on Oct. 1.

Apple is among the larger tech companies that has taken a position on Texas politics regarding reproductive rights. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Match Group (Tinder’s parent company), Bumble dating app, as well as smaller companies such online survey software company QuestionPro have all committed to supporting Texas-based workers who travel to obtain abortion access.

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Salesforce, a software giant, offered to pay workers and their families the opportunity to move out of state.

Lyft and Uber, ride-hailing companies, have pledged to pay all legal fees for drivers who help someone get an abortion. Other tech companies have also interfered with law in other ways. For example, GoDaddy cut off Texas' abortion whistleblower site.