Harley-Davidson’s stunning vintage-inspired electric bikes are going on sale later this year

A little over a year ago, Harley-Davidson announced plans to create its own electric bike company called Serial 1. It said that it will only sell a few of the beautiful, vintage-inspired models it had originally intended to market.
The S1 Moth/Tribute is a tribute to Serial Number One. This nickname refers to Harley-Davidson's oldest motorcycle, which was built in 1903. With its white tires and leather saddle, handgrips and sleek black frame, the bikes design harkens back to the original prototype.

The bike looks identical to Serial 1's entry-level Mosh/Cty motorcycle, despite the glossy black paint and honey-colored accents on the leather. The S1 Mosh/Tribute has many of the same features that the Mosh/Cty. This includes a Gates Carbon Drive belt and Brose mid-drive motor. TRP hydraulic disc brakes. Internally routed cables and wires are also included.

The company is embracing its motorcycle roots and relying on uniques and one-offs.

Serial 1 is the only place to find white-toned Schwalbe SUPER Moto-X tires. The leather saddle and matching grips are handmade by Brooks England.

This update is sure to please many potential customers, who were disappointed that Harley-Davidson refused to confirm whether the prototype would be put into production in October 2020. It is also a sign that the company is embracing its motorcycle roots and relying on limited editions and one-offs as it attempts to establish a brand identity in a highly competitive market.

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The company revealed a series of unique, one-of a kind e-bikes it was selling under its 1-OFF Series brand. Its first offering was the Schwinn Sting Ray-inspired Mosh/Chopper. (The winning bid was $14,200 which was... Wow. The company stated that, much like the motorcycle industry, serial 1 would consider customization and personalization when designing e-bikes.

Aaron Frank, product manager at S1 Mosh/Tribute stated in a statement that the S1 Series will be launched from the S1 Mosh/Tribute as a launch pad for future S1 Series models.

Harley-Davidson stated that it will produce only 650 units. Half of these units will be sold in the USA and half in Europe. Customers interested in pre-ordering one can do so on the company's website. Delivery is expected to begin in the fourth quarter.