Jennifer Lopez Says She Doesn't Belong in Hollywood, Feels Like Outsider

Jennifer Lopez said something shocking, which at first glance seems absurd. But when you really think about it, it becomes clear: she feels like an outsider to Hollywood.
J Lo is featured in a new video posted on her J Lo Beauty Instagram account. She spoke out about her experiences in Tinseltown and how she feels she doesn’t belong there.

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It seems ridiculous. She has 30 movies, but she says she feels like an outsider.

Ben's GF stated, "I believe for me, it is important that all of us feel like we belong, um and like most people, there are so many times in our lives when you feel like an outcast, I feel like this in Hollywood sometimes."

She could now be unloading her emotions because she was not nominated to "Hustlers," which was somewhat surprising given the serious Oscar buzz. Tyler Perry went on about the Oscars and said she richly deserved a nomination.

Many stars don't get the love and support of Hollywood center. Some of that is clearly jealousy or ego. J Lo gets more attention than anyone for the things she offsets and the people she dates. This probably frustrates other actors who don’t get as much.