Poll: Did you preorder the iPhone 13 or iPad Mini?

The iPhone 13 has finally been available for preorder. People are scrambling to secure the latest and greatest from Apple. It wasn't all smooth sailing though. Many people made mistakes when ordering with their Apple Card, Apple Pay or through the iUP upgrade flow.
Many orders are expected to arrive by mid-October.

Many people were able to order the new phone despite the mistakes. While our audience consists mainly of Android enthusiasts, we know that there are many readers who use Apple products. Android Central staff members are avid fans of devices such as the iPad Pro (2021), so we would love to hear from you if any of Apple's new products have been preordered.

The iPhone 13 doesn't make a big difference from the iPhone 12. It still features an updated A15 Bionic chip and improved cameras that can capture low-light video. The notch is 20% smaller. The new variable refresh rate panel, which can change between 10Hz to 120Hz depending on what content is displayed, was added to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. This feature has been on many of the top Android phones so it's great to see Apple taking this feature further.

Buyers will also be able to look forward to additional storage starting at 128GB, the same price as last years models. This is a pleasant change.

Preorders for the new iPads can be made, including the smaller iPad Mini. The upgraded chip and Apple Pencil support are featured on the new iPad Mini. Additionally, USB-C has been replaced by Lighting.

The Apple Watch Series 7 was officially announced this week. However, there are rumored production problems that will prevent interested buyers from getting the watch until later in the fall. It's a sad face.

Leave a comment below to let us know which product you ordered and why. You could also wait for the Google Pixel 6.