How to fix PS4 controller jitters

The jitters are a common problem with PS4 DualShock controllers. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to affect the PS5 DualSense. It is like your controller has drunk too many cups of coffee. This is a sign that your inputs (usually from the left) are stuttering. Instead of smooth movement, when you push the stick forward you will see a sudden change in the screen. It's not smooth. Have no fear. Let's not forget about the dual-stick. Before you throw it in the garbage and get another PS4 controller, let's look at some solutions.
This is due to one of the greatest enemies of electronics. Poor electrical connections can lead to poor results, or even complete failure.

To blow the cap, push the stick to one side. When you are done, keep the nozzle at least 3 inches from your controller. You can also blow out any other buttons on the controller. To wipe the controller clean, use a non-alcoholic wipe. Make sure you don't press the buttons too hard and that your wipe doesn't get too wet while wiping down the controller. To dry the controller, use a microfiber cloth.

Even if your DualShock isn't having any problems, it is worth giving it a thorough cleaning every month. This will prolong the life of your controller and is also great for hygiene reasons.

Replacement parts

Your controller may be damaged by dust or dirt, which can cause malfunctions. You might have worn out the electrical connections if you're an active and regular gamer. This article will show you how to replace your shockers. First, how to disassemble your DualShock. The second: How to remove the shocker from its socket and put it back together.

How to disassemble your DualShock controller