Air France Boeing 777 Returns to Beijing After Suspected AC Duct Explosion

A mysterious explosion of the air conditioning system caused by an Air France Boeing 777-300 took place on 18 September.
According to AvHerald the 17-year-old aircraft with registration F–GSQD was performing flight AF-393 between Beijing (China), and Paris Charles de Gaulle, France. The crew stopped the climb at 3000 feet following a loud bang.

After departing, the aircraft made a safe landing at runway 01 in Beijing 12 minutes later.

Air France Boeing 777300 (F-GSQD), built in 2004, canceled its climb just 1 minute after takeoff from Beijing-Intl AP, China. This was due to an explosion near row 52. The #AF393 flight to Paris was safely returned to Beijing 12 minutes later. JACDEC (@JacdecNew) September 18, 2021

One passenger claimed that they heard strange sounds during take-off. Shortly after landing, a bang was heard at row 52. A burning smell also developed in the cabin. The disturbance was quickly resolved by moving passengers forward.

The cabin light went out shortly afterward. The flight attendants raced to the back of their aircraft with fire extinguishers, and they removed the seat cushions. They found debris on the floor.

An air conditioner duct could have burst. The cabin temperature began to rise and the strong burning smell grew until it was finally landed. There have been no injuries.

After an explosion caused by an air conditioning problem, Air France Flight AF393 safely returns to Beijing. Breaking Aviation News & Videos (@aviationbrk) September 18, 2021

Air France's press release stated that a technical issue prompted the return of the aircraft to Beijing. The company took care of the customers and will reroute the aircraft to Paris as soon possible. Before the aircraft is returned to service, maintenance interventions will be performed.