Right-wing activist Laura Loomer, who once said 'bad fajitas' were worse than COVID-19, has tested positive and says she's in 'so much pain'

Laura Loomer is a right-wing activist who stated that she tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday.
She described her symptoms as "brutal" but said that she feels like she was "hit by a bus".

Loomer previously stated that she had hoped to catch COVID-19 in order to prove it was a "hyped-up virus."

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Laura Loomer, a right-wing activist, once claimed that food poisoning from eating "bad fajitas," was worse than COVID-19. She has since confirmed that she tested positive for the virus.

Loomer posted on GETTR that she is now experiencing "fever, chills", a runny nasal, sore throat and nausea" and feels like "got hit by a bus."

According to The Daily Beast, she described her symptoms as "brutal" while adding that she is experiencing "so much pain" through follow-up messages on her Telegram channel. She wrote, "Please pray for me."

Loomer stated that she has never been vaccinated against COVID-19, and that she does not plan to "ever take it."

On GETTR, a social media platform for conservative Americans, she stated that she is receiving treatment with Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and a dietary supplement. Former President Donald Trump often praised Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus. However, it has not been proven to be effective.

Loomer is well-known for her anti-Muslim rhetoric and social media bans. She also lost a Florida House bid last year.

According to The Daily Beast, she posted on Parler in December 2020 that she hoped to get COVID so that people can see that I have suffered from food poisonings more severe and dangerous than the hyped-up virus. Are you familiar with bad fajitas and how they can be fatal? This will kill you quicker than COVID.

Loomer claimed that the "leftist media," had taken pleasure in Loomer's COVID-19 diagnosis on Friday. She wrote, "Their hopes for me to die are a clear reminder of the left's growing outrage at supposed increased COVID deaths being all for show and politics."