Boston Dynamics Deploys Robot Guard Dog at Factory

"The Robot will detect and protect people's safety at industrial sites."
Spot Guard

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, announced Friday that it has started a pilot program to train a robot guard dog.

According to Hyundai's press release, the guard dog, Spot, is technically called a Factory Safety Service Robot. According to Hyundai, the robot is now operational at a Kia plant.

Dong Jin Hyun, Hyundai's robotics lab chief, stated in a press release that the Factory Safety Service Robot is Hyundai's first collaboration project with Boston Dynamics. The robot will detect and protect workers in industrial areas.


Spot will have a variety of tools to keep Hyundai's factories safe.



It includes an integrated thermal camera, as well as a 3D LIDAR sensor that can detect potential fire hazards and people around it. In the event of a danger, it will be able send alarms to factory supervisors.

Spot can be remotely controlled and can move independently, so it can conduct night patrols without or with a handler.

Robot Cops

The robotic guard dog Hyundai echoes an earlier incident in which Spot was used by the New York City Police Department (NYPD), to help with police work. The NYPD fired Spot after a lot of public outrage.

Boston Dynamics' terms of service prohibit the use of their robot dog to inflict or harm any animal or person, or enable any weapon.



Let's hope the Kia guard dog stays on the job and is able to spot and alert the factory to any potential dangers. Although it would be cool if the dog tried to stop a criminal who attempted to break into the factory,

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