Real-life 'Tarzan' who lived in the jungle for decades after escaping the Vietnam War dies of cancer

Ho Van Lang is accompanied back to his village in Tay Tra, central Province of Quang Nga Vietnam, August 7, 2013. AFP/AFP via Getty Images
At 52 years old, a Vietnamese man lived in the jungle for 40 decades and died from cancer.

After half his family had died during the Vietnam War, Ho Van Lang fled to the jungle with his father in 1972.

Eight years after his return to civilization, he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

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The Times reported that a real "Tarzan", who lived in Vietnam for over 40 years, died from liver cancer at 52.

Ho Van Lang, his father Ho Van Than, spent his entire life living in dense Vietnamese jungles. He returned to civilization in 2013.

After Than's illness, Than persuaded Than and Than to allow them to return to their village. He was 86 when he died.

After a bomb from the US killed half of their family in Vietnam, Lang and Than fled to the jungle. They lived in a five-meter timber hut, survived by wild animals and plants, for 41 years.

First Post reported that Than's friend Alvaro Cerezo (explorer), had a deep fear of leaving the jungle because he didn't believe the Vietnam War was over.

Eight years ago, father and son emerged from the jungle wearing loincloths made out of tree bark. They had not made any human contact since then.

Lang was just two years old when his father fled into the jungle. He knew only a few words in the Cor language. Cerezo also said that he was unaware of the existence of women.

Lang, in his last years of life, decided to remain in his village. He lived next to his brother and worked on a farm.

The 52-year old was diagnosed with untreatable, liver cancer in November 2013. His family was by his side as he died Monday.

Cerezo stated that he believes Lang's death was caused by poor nutrition and modern society's stresses. According to First Post, he said that Lang began "eating processed foods" and even drank alcohol.

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